Grandfather Halfling
Species: [[Human/Great Houses member hybrid]]{{#set:species=Human/Great Houses member hybrid}}
Place of origin: The Homeworld
Appearances: The Book of the War

Grandfather Halfling was the founder of House Halfling. An individual of mixed human and Great Houses parentage, he worked in the City of the Saved to improve conditions and political rights for partially-human individuals in the City.

Biography Edit

Grandfather Halfling was present during the founding of the City of the Saved and was an old friend of its creator Compassion. Halfling was only permitted to enter the city because of his half human, half Great Houses lineage.

In the city the Grandfather founded House Halfling, which campaigned for the rights of part-humans, who were treated as an underclass. Halfling recruited his old friend Amanda Legend Lefcourt to represent the House in the Chamber of Residents while the Grandfather himself would often leave the city to participate in the War. (The Book of the War)

It was implied that Grandfather Halfling once took Melicia Clutterbuck outside of the city to share adventures with him. (Of the City of the Saved...)

Behind the scenes Edit

Grandfather Halfling may be a version of the Doctor active in the City of the Saved (following on from the statement in the 1996 TV movie that the Doctor is half-human).

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