House Lolita was a Great House so new that it did not exist prior to the War. (The Book of the War). As the name suggested, it was Lolita's house. She was its only member. (The Book of the War) In the early days of the House, Lolita attempted to recruit her sister. (Toy Story)

Allied with Tracolix (The Book of the War), and by association with the Sontarans, House Lolita betrayed them both when it destroyed the Eleven-Day Empire. (The Shadow Play) Lolita refused to allow any other lifeform to join her house. She claimed that the places were reserved for her future children, who, like her, were timeships. (In the Year of the Cat)

By that point, fifty-one years into the War, House Lolita had begun to produce a second generation and its prestige and political power had been so bolstered by its defeat of Faction Paradox that it received approval for the changes the House was making to 18th century history.

Lolita predicted that the final confrontation between House Lolita and the survivors of Faction Paradox would take place in that time period. (In the Year of the Cat)

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