The Iris Wildthyme series centers around the travels of Iris Wildthyme. It consists of audio dramas, novels and short story/novella anthologies from Big Finish Productions, Obverse Books and Snowbooks.

Releases Edit

# Title Author Editor Publisher Released
Wildthyme on Top Paul Magrs Big Finish Productions 2005-08-01
1.01 Wildthyme at Large Paul Magrs Big Finish Productions 2005-11
1.02 The Devil in Ms. Wildthyme Stephen Cole Big Finish Productions 2005-12
2.01 The Sound of Fear Mark Michalowski Big Finish Productions 2009-02
2.02 The Land of Wonder Paul Magrs Big Finish Productions 2009-03
2.03 The Two Irises Simon Guerrier Big Finish Productions 2009-04
1 Iris Wildthyme and the Celestial Omnibus Paul Magrs, Stuart Douglas Obverse Books 2009-05-20
2.04 The Panda Invasion Mark Magrs Big Finish Productions 2009-05
The Claws of Santa Cavan Scott, Mark Wright Big Finish Productions 2009-11
2 The Panda Book of Horror Stuart Douglas, Paul Magrs Obverse Books 2009-12-12
3 Ms. Wildthyme and Friends Investigate Stuart Douglas Obverse Books 2010-05-01
4 Iris: Abroad Stuart Douglas Obverse Books 2010-11-15
1 Enter Wildthyme Paul Magrs Snowbooks 2011-01-01
5 Wildthyme in Purple Stuart Douglas Obverse Books 2011-11-20
2 Wildthyme Beyond! Paul Magrs Snowbooks 2012-06-01
3.01 The Iris Wildthyme Appreciation Society Cavan Scott Big Finish Productions 2012-08-30
3.02 Iris Rides Out Guy Adams Big Finish Productions 2012-08-30
3.03 Midwinter Murders George Mann Big Finish Productions 2012-08-30
6 Lady Stardust Stuart Douglas Obverse Books 2012-10-08
4.01 Whatever Happened to Iris Wildthyme? Cavan Scott, Mark Wright Big Finish Productions 2013-08
4.02 Iris at the Oche Mark Wright Big Finish Productions 2013-08
4.03 A Lift in Time David Bryher Big Finish Productions 2013-08
7 Fifteen Stuart Douglas Obverse Books 2013-09-25
From Wildthyme with Love Paul Magrs Snowbooks 2013-11-01
8 Iris Wildthyme of Mars Philip Purser-Hallard Obverse Books 2014-09-01
5.01 Wildthyme Reloaded: Comeback of the Scorchies James Goss Big Finish Productions 2015-08-06
5.02 Wildthyme Reloaded: Dark Side Nick Campbell Big Finish Productions 2015-08-06
5.03 Wildthyme Reloaded: Oracle of the Supermarket Roy Gill Big Finish Productions 2015-08-06
5.04 Wildthyme Reloaded: Murder at the Abbey Mark B. Oliver Big Finish Productions 2015-08-06
5.05 Wildthyme Reloaded: The Slots of Giza Hamish Steele Big Finish Productions 2015-08-06
5.06 Wildthyme Reloaded: High Spirits Cavan Scott Big Finish Productions 2015-08-06
5.07 Wildthyme Reloaded: An Extraterrestrial Werewolf in Belgium Scott Handcock Big Finish Productions 2015-08-06
5.08 Wildthyme Reloaded: Looking for a Friend Paul Magrs Big Finish Productions 2015-08-06
9 The Perennial Miss Wildthyme Paul Dale Smith Obverse Books 2015-09-30

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