Republica was the first audio story in the series The Time Travellers.

Publisher's summaryEdit

The Professor and Ace arrive in present-day London to find the city strangely changed. England is a republic, ruled by an elderly Lord Protector more interested in a mysterious comet than the long-suppressed forces of revolution fomenting in his kingdom.

As political factions vie for power, the travellers become embroiled in the plans of King Charles XIV who stands poised to reclaim the throne. Can they discover who is behind the drastic alteration of history or will the Puritan cause triumph throughout eternity?


  • The Professor - Sylvester McCoy
  • Ace - Sophie Aldred
  • Le Compte - John Wadmore
  • Devlin - Andrew Fettes
  • Somerset - Bryonie Pritchard
  • Lambert - Michael Wade
  • Charles XIV - George Telfer
  • Equerry - John Ainsworth


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