The Relics of Time
Relics of Time{{#set:Has image=File:Relics of Time.jpg}}
Doctor: doctor::Fourth Doctor
Companion(s): Mrs Wibbsey
Main enemy: The Demon
Main setting: Sussex in 2009 and the Roman era
Key crew
Publisher: publisher::AudioGO
Writer: Paul Magrs
Director: Kate Thomas
Release details
Release number: 1
Release date: 2 September 2010
ISBN 1-4084-6667-8
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Demon Quest
Hive of Horror The Demon of Paris
Memorable moment

The Relics of Time was the first story in the Demon Quest arc, a series of five audio dramas featuring Tom Baker as the Fourth Doctor.

Publisher's summary Edit

The Doctor's return to Nest Cottage lands him in trouble when a key component from the TARDIS disappears. Mrs Wibbsey is inadvertently responsible, but all she can offer in recompense is a bag containing four curious objects. It seems that each one is a clue, and the beginning of a chase through time.

In ancient Sussex they are apprehended by primitive tribesfolk, and mistaken for wizards. Can the revered goddess Wibbsentia get them out of hot water?

Who is the fearful wizard in the neighbouring village, and why is the countryside littered with bodies?

The Doctor and Mrs Wibbsey are about to discover that all is not right with history...

Plot Edit

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Cast Edit

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Notes Edit

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