The Voord were a humanoid race of semi-aquatic beings on the planet Marinus. They're notable for having masks that would fuse with the wearer and enable telepathic abilities. Before the Time War, they notably tried to conquer many other semiaquatic planets. When these attempts were thwarted by the Doctor, however, they utilized a WorldShaper beam to accelerate their evolution; the planet transformed from a lush world to an acid desert, and the Voord themselves incorporated more and more cybernetic substitutions in their biology. In time, their planet Marinus became better known as Mondas (COMIC: World Shapers).

However, then the War broke out. According to Gustous R Thripsted's Genetic Politics Beyond the Thirdzone, the Faction Paradox plucked Voord from their pre-Cyberman history and repurposed their telepathic masks to beam media signals straight into their biodata. These augmented Voord, called the Remote, were used by the Faction as shock troops on Simia KK98, but the attack failed and the Remote were allowed to live in independent colonies throughout the galaxy. Laura Tobin, later known as the timeship Compassion, was a Remote from the colony Ordifica (PROSE: Interference).

This Faction meddling drove the Voord to ally with the Time Lords. With the aid of the War Doctor, the Voord were able to weaponize the WorldShaper to stop a Dalek invasion of Marinus, attacking them with accelerated evolution. The Cyberman technology evolved to higher and higher forms of development until the Voord Group Mind became highly evolved to incorporate any species. Upon removing themselves from history at the end of the Time War, the Voord recruited a heartbroken Twelfth Doctor to become their leader (COMIC: The Four Doctors). Although their planet Mondas never existed, the "Cybermen" reentered time by breaking down the walls between their bubble universe, the real one, and other parallels, invading the main Doctor's timeline in TV: Army of Ghosts.

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