This page attempts to list the appearances of the Celestial Toymaker in the order in which he experienced them.

Limiting factors Edit

The Toymaker's timeline does not necessarily derive from the order of the Doctor's encounters with him. His lives are akin to "incarnations," which he changes depending on how bored he gets of them, although presumably he does not switch between appearances.


First incarnationEdit

The Toymaker helps to imprison Kronos the Chronovore.
The Toymaker encounters the Eighth Doctor for the first time.
The Toymaker encounters the Twelfth Doctor and builds a new toyroom.
The Toymaker collects Gaylord Lefevre, who appears in Divided Loyalties.
Divided Loyalties leads directly into The Nightmare Fair.

Second incarnationEdit

The Toymaker is now calling himself the Mandarin.
The Mandarin plays Fenric.
The Toymaker encounters the Seventh Doctor.

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