Template:Forumheader This page lists appearances of the Daleks - and their creator, Davros - in the order in which they experienced them. This timeline is based upon observations of the Doctor Who universe and the events that occur during each of these stories.

Limiting factors Edit

Daleks with cone-shaped ears are usually seen during or after the Time War, while Daleks with bulb-shaped ears are usually seen before.

Any story where the Daleks have not developed space travel must take place before COMIC: Power Play.

Timeline Edit

Creation Edit

Davros creates the Daleks.
The Daleks evolve from humanoids, as described in The Daleks. John Peel hypothesized that Yarvelling merely used Davros's blueprints to create more Daleks, and the blue-skinned mutants are what Davros foresaw.
These Daleks aren't as hostile as others, and haven't developed space travel yet.
500 years after the Thousand-Year War, and generations before Planet of the Daleks. A Dalek with this design is featured in The Space Museum. The Daleks do not have space travel.

Space Edit

In the default time period (see how rational I can be) of Random Ghosts and The Lights of Skaro, the Daleks haven't yet developed space travel.
The Daleks gain space travel.
The Daleks elect to search for Earth.

First Dalek War Edit

The Daleks' invasion is initially repelled, but they vow to return.
The Daleks do not yet have time travel. They are ruled by the Golden Emperor. They have conflict with humanity, which is not confined to Earth. Therefore this has been placed during the First Dalek War, before the invasion of Earth.
The Daleks are attacking Earth colonies.
The invasion has begun; the Daleks also attack Mars.
Set during the First Dalek War.
Set during the First Dalek War, though not for the future Daleks.
The Daleks' Master Plan, GodEngine, Lucifer Rising and The Mutant Phase date the Dalek invasion to c.2157. The TV story itself is set 10 years later. The Doctor believes that The Daleks is in the Daleks' future.
Placed here on the assumption/conjecture that the museum Dalek is a relic of the war.

Second Dalek War Edit

The Daleks attack.
Follows Frontier in Space.
Daleks and humans are at war with one another.
Set during the Second Dalek War.
Set during the Second Dalek War.
Set during the Second Dalek War.
Towards the end of the war.
This occurs a generation after the Second Dalek War.
Daleks are created from humans.
Set in the 45th century, but these Daleks have been in cryogenic suspension for 17 centuries.

Time Edit

The Daleks have invaded Earth before, so after the first First Dalek War. They have "discovered the secret of time travel." They have had another go at the First Dalek War.
These Daleks have travelled back in time to destroy humanity before the Dalek Wars. They refer to the "Dalek Empire" and have high-functioning Robomen.
The Daleks have a dimensionally transcendental timeship.
Follows The Chase.
Sara Kingdom is alive.
Sara is alive.
Sara dies. The Daleks have time machines.
The Daleks are developing time travel. Skaro exists.
After The Daleks' Master Plan.
The Daleks are familiar with the Monk, so after The Daleks' Master Plan.
The Daleks infected with the human factor hide on the planet Kyrol.
Humanity at this point has encountered the Daleks before, but these humans are unfamiliar with them.
Set an unspecified amount of time after Evil.
The Daleks have a crystal-based command network.

Return of Davros Edit

These Daleks crashed on their way back to Skaro from the invasion of Kantra, which was mentioned in Destiny.
"Thousands of years" after the Daleks were created, Davros is awakened and later put in suspended animation. Neverland mentions the year 4949 in relation to the Dalek-Movellan War, although this is never supported or contradicted in any other story.
90 years after the events of Destiny, Davros is taken out of suspended animation to cure the Movellan virus.
Between Resurrection and Revelation. TransAllied, Inc was formed back in the 38th century.
Occur during flight from Necros.
Davros crashes on Lethe but is recovered by the (Renegade) Supreme.
Davros is leading a force of Imperial Daleks. His skirt matches that of a Dalek
The Daleks don't recognise the Seventh Doctor. They are Imperial on the cover.
Leads into Remembrance.
An Imperial Dalek is in 1963, just before Remembrance.
Follows Remembrance. Skaro survives. Davros dies. This can be the Skaro seen in Asylum of the Daleks and The Magician's Apprentice/The Witch's Familiar. A facility is ejected, implied to be the same one as in The Power of the Daleks.
The Daleks recognise the Second Doctor. Their capsule is bigger on inside, hinting that time travel is involved. The humans are unfamiliar with Daleks.
The Dalek Prime leads the Daleks.
Follows Remembrance. Skaro has been destroyed. Davros survives, and his personality is intact. This can be the Davros seen in The Stolen Earth/Journey's End and The Magician's Apprentice/The Witch's Familiar.
Follows Remembrance. Skaro has been destroyed. Davros survives, but his personality is subsumed by that of the Dalek Emperor. This can be the Dalek Emperor in control until Dalek War: Chapter Four.

Empire and Emperor Edit

The Daleks recognise Charley from Terror Firma.
The Daleks and Time Lords make a treaty.
The Daleks execute the Master, and allow his remains to be sent to Gallifrey.
Lee Sullivan's artwork depicts the Golden Emperor. A Special Weapons Dalek appears.
The Daleks have dimensionally transcendental timeships and a crystal-based command network. They invade Gallifrey, presumably ending their peace.
The Daleks are ruled by a Dalek Emperor - depicted on an unused cover as the Golden Emperor.
The Daleks now have their own equivalent of the Eye of Harmony.
The Daleks involved in this invasion of Mutter's Spiral are time active, and not native to the 42nd century.
Attack takes place during this story
Takes place during the Daleks' initial invasion.
Takes place during Alby's search for Suz.
Not long after the Second Dalek War in real time. The Daleks aren't native to this time, and their involvement changes history. Benny is familiar with the Dalek-Movellan war - but this must be down to her time travel experience.
The Dalek Empire is all but destroyed, though Daleks from other points in their timeline exist between the 42nd and 63rd centuries.

Dalek Supreme Edit

The Daleks are rebuilding. [elaborate?]
Starting here the Daleks are ruled by a Dalek Supreme. Set in the 53rd century.
Set in the 67th Century. The Daleks are ruled by a Dalek Supreme.

Conflict with the Time Lords Edit

The Time Controller and Time Lords are using temporal technology against each other. No higher-ranking Daleks appear.
The Time Controller's faction conquers the 20th century.
The Daleks are ruled by a Supreme Dalek.
The Daleks are acting against Gallifrey. They are invading other timelines. They are depicted with cone-shaped ears. They refer to their alliance with Braxiatel in Death and the Daleks. They remember Romana from The Apocalypse Element and say she has shown the Daleks mercy before (The Time of the Daleks).
The Gallifreyan city of Arcadia falls to the Daleks.
Set shortly after Arcadia has fallen. The War Doctor survives the Last Great Time War, and with the help of his other twelve incarnations, destroys the fleet of Daleks concentrating fire on Gallifrey on the final day of the Time War.

After the Time War Edit

At some point, four separate groups of Daleks survive the Time War independently. Three of the four are effective dead-ends of the timeline.
Two separate lone Daleks survive the Time War by becoming stuck on earth.
A group of Daleks survives the Time War.
The Dalek Emperor survives the Time War and ends up in the Sol system circa the year 199,900.
The Cult of Skaro and many prisoners within the Genesis Ark, who escaped into the Void. At the end of Doomsday, the Cult emergency temporal shift, leading into further stories. Tardisode 13 is set during the Battle of Canary Wharf.
The Cult has recently escaped Canary Wharf. At the end of Evolution of the Daleks, Dalek Caan again temporal shifts into the Time War.
A version of Davros who isn't Emperor appears.
Caan is an insane oracle after rescuing Davros from the Time War. The Dalek appearing in Adelaide's flashback is from when the 26 planets appeared in the Earth's sky.
Continues The Beast Below's cliffhanger. Surviving Daleks, seemingly made from Davros' cells from The Stolen Earth / Journey's End, awake the New Dalek Paradigm.
The Dalek is described as bronze, and depicted as a Time War-era Dalek on the cover.
The Daleks' memories of the Doctor are wiped by Oswin Oswald.
The Daleks regain their memories of the Doctor through Tasha Lem.
The Dalek Time Controller is in its home time period. The Daleks know the Doctor. The New Dalek Paradigm is referenced. Dalek puppets appear.
The Controller is sent back through Dalek history, to Lucie Miller. The Chase appears to be recent. Artwork depicts the Daleks with bulb-shaped ears.
Daleks and humans are at war with one another. The Dalek command net has records of the Daleks' post-Time War history.

Unplaced Edit

The Dalek timeship is dimensionally transcendental, sentient, and somewhat humanoid.
The Daleks use transolar discs. They invade in 1903.

aHistory Timeline Edit

This pre-Time War timeline is from the third edition of aHistory. Most of the dates given here are speculative.

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