This page lists appearances of the Seventh Doctor in the order in which he experienced them. This timeline is based upon observations of the Doctor Who universe and the events that occur during each of these stories. From these observations we have attempted to build a concise timeline. It is assumed, much like its TV story counterparts that for each novel or audio series their published/numbered order is the order they occur in. This does not apply to short stories which are often ambiguous about their placement. There are also many gaps between stories.

The layout of this timeline is in part based on the observations on Doctor Who Reference Guide and Doctor Who - The Complete Adventures, as well as Lance Parkin's AHistory and other sources that allow us to make observations, such as The Whoniverse, Doctor Who Reviews, The History of Doctor Who, The Discontinuity Guide, and The Divergent Universe forum. None of these sources should be used solely as a source or considered a "true" timeline for stories.

Additionally, there are statements on the back of many BBC Past Doctor Adventures novels that state between which TV stories the novel takes place between. These can be used to narrow the field, but should not be viewed as the only placement for these novels.

Organisational aids Edit

The Doctor's timeline is organised by companion, TARDIS, outfit, and personality. However, few indicators are absolute. His companions often leave and rejoin him, he switches TARDISes and TARDIS interiors multiple times, he sometimes explicitly wears the "wrong" outfit for a period, and his personality can be difficult to pin down. He's also seen removing his more "useless" memories in Timewyrm: Genesys, explaining errors in continuity he makes.

Stories where the Doctor travels alone are most often organised by personality: if he is more lighthearted, they can be placed early in his life or immediately before the end, while stories where he is more sombre are usually placed close to, but not immediately before, his death.

The Doctor switches from usually wearing his lighter jacket to usually wearing the darker one in 1963: The Assassination Games. His white linen suit is introduced in White Darkness, though he might have worn it before and still occasionally wears his old jacket. Stories where he wears his tweed jacket should be placed after So Vile a Sin.

Companions Edit

Any stories where the Doctor is travelling with just Melanie Bush must take place between Time and the Rani and Dragonfire, while any story with her and Ace must follow A Life of Crime.

Any stories involving a younger Ace must take place from Dragonfire to Love and War, while any story where Ace has combat-training must take place after Deceit.

Any stories where he travels with Bernice Summerfield only must take place between Love and War and Deceit, or between Set Piece and Happy Endings. Any stories where Ace and Benny's relationship is non-antagonistic must take place after No Future.

Any story with Roz Forrester and Chris Cwej as companions must take place between Original Sin and So Vile a Sin. Any story featuring just Chris as a companion must take place before Lungbarrow.

Any story where the Doctor and Ace travel with Hex/Hector must take place between The Harvest and Signs and Wonders.

Complications Edit

The Doctor edits his more "useless" memories in Timewyrm: Genesys, which can explain anything he's forgotten from previous incarnations and adventures.

The Doctor Who Magazine comics start off with the Doctor travelling with Frobisher, who acts like Peri Brown has just departed, before he himself leaves the series. The early comics also portray the Doctor as he acted in Time and the Rani, until Nemesis of the Daleks sees him act as the manipulator he had become in the latter part of his television tenure.

Ace's characterization Edit

Ace loses some of her memories in Timewyrm: Genesys and again in The Prisoner's Dilemma, which can explain anything she's forgotten from her previous travels.

Ace's characterisation is complicated and inconsistent. It can be roughly divided into a few versions, though:

  • * TV Ace. Ace is immature, enjoys explosives, and is not always given a large role in the Doctor's plans. She is often exasperated or hurt by the Doctor's manipulation of her and reticence about the situation and his plans - see The Curse of Fenric, Thin Ice, Nightshade, and Love and War. She is characterised like this on TV, in the "Season 27" Lost Stories, in some of the early New Adventures, and in a variety of short stories. Some writers revert to this characterisation in spite of chronologically earlier stories where she is more mature: In Cat's Cradle: Warhead she is capable and the Doctor trusts her, but she is immature in Cat's Cradle: Witch Mark. Most of her early monthlies also make her more mature and capable (in line with developments of TV and in the New Adventures) but in The Rapture Joe Lidster indulges his soap opera tendencies and her decision to start going by "McShane" comes off as very immature.
  • * "New Ace." After her return to the TARDIS in Deceit, Ace is even more angsty and gung-ho. Sophie Aldred deliberately makes her sound younger on audio. She often identifies herself as a soldier, and is abrasive toward Benny and (especially) the Doctor, at least until No Future, when they resolve their differences. She is also depicted like this in Random Ghosts/The Lights of Skaro and Enemy of the Daleks.
  • Older Ace. Ace matures gradually, becoming more capable, more familiar with the Doctor, and is given larger roles in the Doctor's plans. This is seen in Cat's Cradle: Warhead and most of her early monthly audios. It become especially prominent once Hex is introduced (from The Harvest on) and she becomes less prone to use explosives, more dedicated to TARDIS-life, a mentor figure to Hex, and more accepting of the Doctor's manipulative nature.

The comic Ground Zero depicts Ace (dressed as she was on TV) dying while travelling with the Doctor, who wears the outfit he wore in Doctor Who. This was intended to deliberately contradict other DWM comics and the New Adventures, but can be made to fit anyway.


In Iceberg and Sanctuary, the Doctor travels in the Jade Pagoda - the TARDIS's small "escape pod." The Doctor starts travelling in the TARDIS of an alternate version of his third incarnation in Blood Heat, and doesn't switch back until Happy Endings. In The Angel of Scutari, the TARDIS turns white. It stays that way until Gods and Monsters. After Lurkers at Sunlight's Edge and until Gods and Monsters (when it is destroyed) the Doctor also travels in a second, black TARDIS - the daughter of the proper, white one.

The change from the TARDIS's white interior to the Doctor Who one is depicted or referred to several times.

  • In Lungbarrow, where the TARDIS changes into a Victorian parlour design to resemble the Doctor's family estate in the House of Lungbarrow, and retains the look into Doctor Who.
  • Notre Dame du Temps references the change being recent, and also refers to meeting Romana (in Lungbarrow).
  • The Settling follows a period where the Doctor and companions are separated, and says that they've just redecorated. From that point on, monthlies with Ace have Doctor Who TARDIS sound effects.
  • From Black and White to Gods and Monsters, the proper TARDIS temporarily reuses the white interior and the black one has the Doctor Who one.
  • The interior very temporarily reverts in Signs and Wonders.
  • In Ground Zero, the TARDIS (with white interior) is damaged, and it's implied that it's going to change, with the authorial intent being that it changed to the Victorian parlour design in the lead up to Doctor Who.
  • Excelis Decays claims that the Doctor apparently built the Victorian parlour design himself.

Timeline Edit

Early days Edit

The Seventh Doctor's persona begins to emerge as his previous incarnation regenerates.
A different account of the Sixth Doctor's regeneration.
The Doctor regenerates from his previous incarnation, and is immediately thrown into a confrontation with the Rani on Lakertya.
Set immediately after Time and the Rani, with the Doctor bemoaning the loss of his scarf and umbrella on Lakertya, and still adjusting to his new body while he replaces his lost items.
The Doctor is still recovering from the effects of his recent regeneration, as indicated by the large amount of the lindos hormone in his system.
The Doctor brings a new hat stand back into the TARDIS console room. He acts much like his immediate predecessor, suggesting he is still recovering from the regeneration.
Mel is wearing the same clothes she wore in Paradise Towers.
Mel is wearing the same clothes she wore in Paradise Towers.
Pex's sacrifice from Paradise Towers is still on Mel's mind.

Away from Mel Edit

Stripped for Action? in DWM 168 places the early comics after Paradise Towers. The Doctor is travelling with Frobisher. Frobisher decides to leave the Doctor, claiming that he isn't needed as much without Peri. At the end of the story, Frobisher stays on A-Lux in the 41st century, while the Doctor departs with a female Dreilyn named Olla.
Olla is handed over to Skaroux, whom she stole money from, leaving the Doctor alone again.
After colliding with him in the Time Vortex, the Doctor uses a TCE to shrink Death's Head to human size.
Feeling old and useless, the Doctor considers returning the Gallifrey for good. After saving the Culture, the Doctor feels a renewed sense of purpose and leaves looking another adventure.

Final travels with Mel Edit

The Doctor's whangee umbrella is damaged, and he says he'll get a new one. All stories where the Doctor has his red question mark umbrella should be placed after this one.
The audio's blurb sets this between Paradise Towers and Delta and the Bannermen, and the Doctor is carrying his red question mark umbrella, setting this after The Warehouse. The two versions of the story detail what happens when the Doctor is coerced into changing the past, but offers no conclusion about which of the versions is the "correct" one.
The Doctor is using an umbrella with a large red question mark designed handle.
Set after Delta and the Bannermen.
The Doctor is carrying his red question mark umbrella, setting this after Delta and the Bannermen.
The Doctor still acts lighthearted, but Mel is starting to feel alienated by him.
The Doctor acts more brooding, something Mel claims to have never seen in him before.
The Doctor is carrying his red question mark umbrella.
The Doctor and Melanie meet Emil Hartung. The Doctor realises he will have to leave Mel soon, or else her morals compromise his agendas.

Ace Edit

On Iceworld, the Doctor and Mel bump into Sabalom Glitz again, and also meet a time-displaced 16 year old girl named Ace. Mel leaves the Doctor to travel with Glitz. The Doctor offers to let Ace travel with him in the TARDIS, and she accepts.
Set during the ending of Dragonfire: Part 1.
Ace has "only just come on board" the TARDIS, and is exploring her new surroundings.
The Doctor does not have much control over events, and his relationship with Ace is more trusting, so this has been placed in their early travels.
The Doctor and Ace go back in time to kill a dictator as a baby, but is unable to go through with it.
The Doctor plays the spoons, with Master indicating he did this less as he matured, setting this early in his travels with Ace.
Ace is carrying around the baseball bat that was destroyed in Remembrance of the Daleks.
The Doctor gives Clio a Blue Peter badge on Ace's behalf.
Ace feels the Doctor is showing off with his time travel shenanigans.
Ace is familiar with the TARDIS, but is surprised that the Doctor keeps secrets, so this has been placed early in their travels.
The Doctor is depicted with his brown coat. He gives his past incarnation the Hand of Omega, so this must be before he sent it off to Gallifrey in Remembrance of the Daleks.
Ace encounters the Daleks for the first time. According to Head Games, this story was the first time she doubted the Doctor's motives.
The Doctor remains in the TARDIS while Ace visits Judith Winters in 1993, thirty years after Remembrance of the Daleks.
Ace learns that the TARDIS is stuck with the police box exterior due to a broken chameleon circuit and begins questioning the Doctor's intentions and motivations.
Set just before The Greatest Show in the Galaxy.
Ace acquires Flowerchild's earring.
The Doctor is beginning to act more manipulative. He gives away his white coat, and begins thinking about changing it for a brown one.
Set after The Greatest Show in the Galaxy.
Ace encounters the Cybermen for the first time. She is wearing Flowerchild's earring. The Doctor spots a chess set in Lady Peinforte home and realises that Fenric is orchestrating events in his favour.
The Doctor gives his age as around 950, indicating that only a few years have passed since Time and the Rani.
The Doctor and Ace leave for Terra Alpha, setting this immediately before The Happiness Patrol.
Broadcasted out-of-production-order on John Nathan-Turner's orders, to accommodate real world timing into the broadcast schedule.
After The Happiness Patrol, Ace asks the Doctor how he operates, and believes they come to an understanding.
The Doctor, out gift-shopping for a friend, mentions that Ace likes Charlton Athletic, which he learnt in Silver Nemesis.
The Doctor is wearing his off-white jacket.
Set soon after The Time and Tide.
The Doctor is described as wearing a light jacket with a patterned sweater.
The Doctor recalls his movements in 1963 from Remembrance of the Daleks and an unknown second adventure. At the conclusion, the Doctor changes into his chocolate brown jacket for the first time.
The Doctor has not yet told Ace about regeneration, and she doesn't know who the Master is, setting this before Survival.
Ace has faced the Daleks and Cybermen. She knows the Doctor can regenerate, so this must be after The Light at the End.

Ericildoune Edit

After leaving Ace in the Cretaceous period, the Doctor takes up residence at Ercildoune in Scotland in the 13th century, using it as a base from which to set out on various travels.
The Doctor visits Victorian London, and saves Barbara Wright's grandfather, Ernie Wright, from being arrested for a murder he did not commit.
The Doctor begins trying to get to Maruthea for Bonjaxx's birthday.
The Doctor and Death's Head cross paths again, and come to an uneasy truce.
The Doctor is still attempting to attend Bonjaxx's birthday on Marathea.
While still searching for Bonjaxx's party, the Doctor meets Abslom Daak, a professional Dalek killer. The Doctor believes Davros to be the Dalek Emperor, indicating that this is after Remembrance of the Daleks for the Doctor.
The Doctor has begun wearing a dark brown variant of his jacket.
The Doctor is acting as a representative for the Time Lords.
The Doctor is no longer trying to get to Maruthea, and is wearing his dark jacket.
The Doctor is depicted in his brown coat on the cover. He notes that people in the past have doubted his plans, placing this at least after Remembrance of the Daleks, where Ace first had doubts. He has a more jovial outlook, so this has been placed before Nightshade, where he becomes more dedicated to his plans. He is travelling alone. He implies he is working for the Time Lords, but it may be untrue.
The Doctor leaves Ercildoune for the last time, shortly before the Charl Queen arrives looking for the TARDIS.

Returning to Ace Edit

The Doctor writes in his diary about having just defeated the Kalik in Train-Flight. Having felt distracted lately, the Doctor decides he needs to find a way to concentrate, presumably leading into his retrieval of Ace.
The Doctor retrieves Ace from the Cretaceous period of Earth's pre-history, and the two resume travelling together.
Broadcast out-of-production-order on John Nathan-Turner's orders, to accommodate real world timing into the broadcast schedule. Ace meets the Brigadier for the first time in her life, while the Doctor meets him for the first time since his sixth regeneration.
Set after Battlefield.
Ace is under 18. She is familiar with UNIT and the Brigadier, so this is after Battlefield.
Broadcast out-of-production-order on John Nathan-Turner's orders, to accommodate real world timing into the broadcast schedule.
Broadcast out-of-production-order on John Nathan-Turner's orders. Fenric's master plan reaches its climax, but the Doctor is able to best his foe again. Ace is gifted an authentic cap insignia of the Red Army by Captain Sorin.
Set "more than twenty months" before Timewyrm: Revelation.
Ace refers to her escape from the underwater spaceship in Battlefield, and meeting her grandmother during The Curse of Fenric. She is still under the legal drinking age. Miss Gallowglass gives a cryptic warning to the Doctor and Ace about the upcoming events of Independence Day.
Ace references Ghost Light.
Set "not so long [after]" The Curse of Fenric.
Broadcast out-of-production-order on John Nathan-Turner's orders. The novelisation details how the Doctor and Ace have returned to Earth for the first time since The Curse of Fenric, which was a week before. Ace encounters the Master for the first time on Cheetah World, and both become infected with the Cheetah virus, though Ace begins to recover by the serial's conclusion.
The book's blurb places this immediately after Survival. Oddly, the Doctor is wearing his cream linen suit from White Darkness, and Ace is depicted with the confidence and general demeanour she had in the Virgin New Adventures.

Timewyrm Edit

When the Doctor restores the Ace's memories, the first thing that she recalls is the events of Survival, and she still feels some of the after-effects of the Cheetah Virus. She knows about regeneration, and is aware that the Doctor has regenerated six times.
Set immediately after Timewyrm: Genesys.
The amnesiac Eighth Doctor observes the Seventh Doctor and Ace visiting the Festival of Britain during Timewyrm: Exodus.
Ace sees an animal in the TARDIS, foreshadowing Cat's Cradle: Time's Crucible. She doesn't know that two incarnations of the same Time Lord meeting could be problematic, placing this before Dimensions in Time.
The Doctor and Ace have "only just left Kirith", placing this immediately after Timewyrm: Apocalypse.
Visiting Ethan Amberglass whilst in hospital, the Doctor mentions the recent events of Timewyrm: Revelation.

Adventures with Ace Edit

Back cover places this story between Fenric and Survival, while the Doctor has a "To Do List" reminding him to leave a settee in Perivale, implying this occurs after Survival.
Placement established by Interweaving with the New Adventures.
Placement established by Interweaving with the New Adventures. The Doctor mentions that he's recently been unable to take the TARDIS away from Earth. He has also been redecorating the TARDIS and has discarded his question mark pullover.
Placement established by Interweaving with the New Adventures.
Placement established by Interweaving with the New Adventures. The Doctor finally reaches Maruthea, just as his predecessor is leaving.
* COMIC: Connections
Takes place during and immediately after Party Animals.
Placement established by Interweaving with the New Adventures. The Doctor locates his old signet ring in the TARDIS control console and decides to resume wearing it.
Placement established by Interweaving with the New Adventures.
Placement established by Interweaving with the New Adventures. The TARDIS' chameleon circuit is inexplicably working, and has changed the TARDIS's form into a Cadillac.
Placement established by Interweaving with the New Adventures.
Placement established by Interweaving with the New Adventures.
The Doctor is wearing his dark brown jacket underneath his duffle-coat, and Ace looks older than her television counterpart.
Placement established by Interweaving with the New Adventures. When listing the worst creatures she can imagine, Ace mentions the Daleks, the Timewyrm and the Cybermen.

Raine Edit

This is Ace's first encounter with an Ice Warrior. The Doctor claims to have never delivered a baby before he delivers baby Raine Creevy. The Doctor tries to get Ace accepted into the Time Lord Academy, but she refuses and the Time Lords do not accept her.
Set almost immediately after Thin Ice. Raine Creevy joins the TARDIS crew.
Raine's first journey is to Margrave University in 2001, where she discovers that her father has died. Upset by the revelation, Raine decides to stay at Margrave for a short time.
It has been some time since the Doctor and Ace last saw Raine, who decides to return to the TARDIS.
Raine appears.

Further adventuresEdit

The TARDIS winds up back where Dimensions in Time took place, with the Doctor explaining that they were brought back due to the TARDIS attempting to pursue the Rani. At the end, the Doctor, Ace, and K9 are invited to host a quiz show, leading into Search Out Space.
Ace recognises the Master, so this is after Survival for her. After thwarting the Mater's scheme, Ace is kidnapped by Adam Mitchell, leading directly into Endgame.
The Doctor rescues Ace from Adam and the Master.
The Doctor has a sonic screwdriver.

Ace's future Edit

Ace is depicted with the same character traits she showed in Illegal Alien.
While Ace is asleep, the Doctor travels back in time to apologise to baby Ace for the events of Ghost Light and The Curse of Fenric, and for the pain "yet to come".
Ace obtains a CD Walkman from Paul Tanner. Authorial intent is that this is set between Nightshade and Love and War.
Ace is 17. The Valeyard uses the Dark Matrix to briefly reawaken the Cheetah virus within her, presumably amplifying her continued difficulties with the virus.
Set immediately after Matrix.
The Doctor and Ace meet Bev Tarrant.
Ace refers to the recent events of Storm Harvest and The Genocide Machine. The Doctor refers to his encounter with the Master in Stop the Pigeon. The Doctor discovers Ace's future dead body, and tries to keep her out of danger, leading into Heritage.
Ace hasn't yet worn her special sunglasses from the New Adventures era, placing this before Timewyrm: Genesys at most.
Sequel to Illegal Alien. Ace is killed by George Limb, but the Doctor manipulates events so that, when Limb's plans are thwarted by James Dean, the timeline recreates itself with Ace still alive, though slightly altered.

Hex joins Edit

The Doctor and Ace bump into Bev Tarrant again, after meeting her in The Genocide Machine, and she leaves with them in the TARDIS after they defeat the Master.
Bev travels with the Doctor and Ace for some time, before eventually being left in the 26th century.
At Colditz Castle the Doctor and Ace meet the Nazi version of Elizabeth Klein. Ace decides to be called "McShane" from this story on.
Set after Colditz.
McShane references the recent events of Colditz and Dust Breeding.
McShane tells Hex that she has been travelling with the Doctor "for a surprisingly long time." The Doctor has a sonic screwdriver, and is convinced by McShane to let Hex join them in the TARDIS.
Hex has only just joined the TARDIS crew, and visits his first alien world.
Set during These Things Take Time for the Seventh Doctor.
Hex sees aliens and spaceships for the first time.
The Doctor battles the Cragvar.
Set before LIVE 34, as Ace is still going by her surname.
McShane decides that "Ace" is her true name, and resumes using it. Reporter Ryan Wareing estimates Ace's age to be in her mid-to-late twenties. Ace refers to her brother from The Rapture.
The Doctor meets back up with Ace and Hex.
This is Hex's first visit to Earth's past. The TARDIS interior has been redecorated to as it will be in Doctor Who.
Ace and Hex mention the recent events of The Settling.
Set a few months after The Harvest. Hex mentions killing a man during The Settling.

Battling the Elder Gods Edit

The Doctor sees a chess set in the sanatorium, and realises Fenric is preparing his return.
Ace has significant military and tactical knowledge, implying a post-Deceit setting. This is Hex's first encounter with the Daleks.
Hex is still reeling from the events that he witnessed on Bliss with the Daleks. The exterior shell of the TARDIS is shattered after the HADS is activated, and its colouration is stuck as white. Hex leaves the TARDIS crew after discovering that the Doctor had previously been witness to his mother's death, but rejoins at Evelyn Smythe's prompting, before Evelyn passes away. Ace does not know how to fly the TARDIS.
The Doctor goes to Alaska, so this is after Cat's Cradle: Time's Crucible.
The Doctor is testing his black TARDIS. He seems to be evaluating Liv as a potential companion. Black and White says that he left Ace and Hex after Alaska.
The Doctor is joined in the Black TARDIS by Sally Morgan after she helps him defeat the Mi'en Kalarash.
After a battle against the Kai'lizakia, Forge operative Lysandra Aristedes joined the Doctor and Sally in the Black TARDIS.
The TARDIS is restored to its prime condition, and the Black TARDIS is destroyed. Hex enters the Time Vortex to defeat Fenric, apparently killing himself in the process.
Ace no longer knows her age, so this is after Set Piece, where she knew for a fact she was 26. Sally and Lysandra leave.
Hector leaves the TARDIS and settles down with Sally to raise a family. Ace's glimpses herself wearing a high collar, riding a motorbike in Paris in the 19th century, and being surrounded by the Lobri in her future. The TARDIS control room is temporarily changed to a white configuration after To'Koth uses it to return to the home dimension of the Elder Gods.

After Hex Edit

The Doctor begins teaching Ace how to fly the TARDIS, as he promised to do in Signs and Wonders. Ace refers to Hex having left.

Ace and Mel Edit

The TARDIS finds who it's been looking for; Mel, who rejoins the TARDIS crew.
The TARDIS interior has its Victorian parlour design.

Time alone Edit

The Doctor claims he hasn't been to Alaska, and Ace has learnt how to swear in eleven alien languages. The Doctor and Ace decide they should go their separate ways at the end.
The Doctor is wearing his dark jacket, and appears to be traveling alone.
The Doctor carries a Telphin life-seed to Earth.
The Doctor has Excalibur in his TARDIS, placing this after Battlefield.
The Doctor visits the court of Elizabeth I, and persuades the Queen to send John Dee on a fool's errand.

Reunited with Ace again Edit

The Doctor and Ace reunite in Turkey.
Set during Cat's Cradle: Warhead, according to Interweaving with the New Adventures.
Ace can still feel the biological effects of being on the Cheetah planet. The TARDIS gets infected by demonic protoplasm.
Ace has already been traveling with the Doctor for several years.
Placement established by Interweaving with the New Adventures.
Placement established by Interweaving with the New Adventures.
The Doctor essentially kidnaps Ace when she tries to leave. This seems odd considering Love and War, where he lets her go (and is revealed to have wanted her to), but months do pass between them.
An opening annotation places this story directly after the consecutive events of Memorial and Nightshade, which is supported by Interweaving with the New Adventures.
The Doctor is making a cube in his lab that Ace must not know about, setting this shortly before Love and War.
Ace has more experienced and confident, and knows more about future technology than she used too, placing this shortly before Love and War.
The Doctor is acquainted with Abslom Daak, placing this after Nemesis of the Daleks. Ace claims that the events of Nightshade occurred some months ago.

Interim Edit

After saving Heaven, the weary Doctor travels alone in the Time Vortex for a long time, visited some worlds and drifting past others in the process.
The Doctor appears to be alone, and in need of reassurance that some of his plans have worked out as he intended.
The Doctor is travelling alone without a companion and is trying to atone for his past mistakes.
The Doctor is alone, wearing his dark jacket and in an introspective mood.

Travels with an archaeologist Edit

Returning to the 26th century, Ace leaves the Doctor after realising that his manipulations resulted in the death of Jan Rydd, a man she had fallen in love with. Bernice Summerfield agrees to travel with the Doctor in her place, but only after he promises not to play games with her life.
The Doctor mentions that his companion is having a hangover after a night testing drinks from the TARDIS food replicator, suggesting that he is referring to Benny.
Placement established by Interweaving with the New Adventures. The Doctor says that Benny has just joined his company.
The Doctor is alone with Bernice and wears his light jacket, placing this shortly after Pureblood.
Placement established by Interweaving with the New Adventures.
Placement established by Interweaving with the New Adventures.
As the Doctor leaves in the TARDIS, he calls out to Benny. He wears his S26 outfit.
The Doctor inexplicably has a sonic screwdriver.

New Ace Edit

Three years after leaving the Doctor on Heaven, Ace decides to return to the TARDIS, but no longer trusts the Doctor. The TARDIS is cured of the protoplasm infection from Cat's Cradle: Witch Mark.
Ace is more curt and aggressive, setting this not long after her return in Deceit.
The Doctor is wearing his white suit from White Darkness, though the TARDIS console room is the one from before Final Genesis.
Placement established by Interweaving with the New Adventures.
The Doctor and an Old One are in an antagonistic relationship, setting this before their truce in Signs and Wonders. The Doctor begins wearing a cream linen suit and fedora.
Ace still keeps track of her age. The Doctor decides he needs a holiday, leading into Birthright and Iceberg.
The Doctor gives Bernice the keys to the TARDIS, and leaves her in control, having arranged for it to crash in Victorian London, leading directly into Iceberg.
This novel takes place at the same time as Birthright, with the events of both novels occurring concurrently for the Doctor, Ace and Benny.
This novel runs parallel with the events of Iceberg, with the Doctor being absent for the majority of Birthright. The Doctor's deceptions cost him Benny's trust.
The Doctor watches Sonia Bannen being killed in a food riot.
Placement established by Interweaving with the New Adventures.
Placement established by Interweaving with the New Adventures.

Alternate universe cycle Edit

A few months have passed since Deceit, but the events of Birthright are recent. The TARDIS falls through a puncture in the Time Vortex, and the Doctor later realises that someone is toying with time. The Doctor acquires a new sonic screwdriver from the possessions of his deceased alternate third incarnation, and also takes that Doctor's TARDIS after his is lost in a tar pit.
Ace still does not trust the Doctor, nor does the TARDIS from the alternate world. The Doctor discovers that the one who created the Silurian Earth has successfully altered the flow of time in the real universe.
The Doctor fixes the chameleon circuit in his new TARDIS.
Benny decides to stay with the Doctor after struggling with her inability to trust him. The Doctor learns history is going to change again, and he sets out to find the cause, leading into No Future.
The Doctor discovers that the Monk has been corrupting the timeline as a revenge stunt, but is able to defeat his enemy and regain Ace's trust. He also smashes the chameleon circuit of his TARDIS with a hammer, destroying it. The Doctor thinks he killed the Master in Survival, despite having spoken of him in the present tense during Deceit.

Amicable travels Edit

The Doctor has had experience with delivering babies.
Ace refers to the TARDIS team's recent encounter with the Monk in No Future.
Placement established by Interweaving with the New Adventures.
The TARDIS has been to Olleril recently, setting this shortly after Tragedy Day. As far as Ace knows, this is the first time she has seen an Ice Warrior, though she did encounter them in Thin Ice. Benny, who has never been on Mars before this point in her life, takes a temporary leave of absence from the TARDIS.
Benny returns to the TARDIS after her temporary leave of absence that started in Legacy.
The Big Finish website places this audio between All-Consuming Fire and Blood Harvest.
The Big Finish website places this audio after The Shadow of the Scourge.
The Doctor sends Ace and Benny on a mission to Antarctica.
The Doctor, Benny and Ace end up in E-Space, where they find Romana and return her to Gallifrey, where she opts to remain.
Some time has passed since Blood Harvest, with Ace getting trigger-happy due to the lack of dangerous adventures.
The Doctor and Ace encounter the Master for the first time since Survival. Ace fatally shoots the Master, but he is able to regenerate into a new form. Ace considers leaving the TARDIS.
Ace has her head shaved clean.
Ace's hair is still regrowing.
It has been at least a full year since No Future. Ace is still thinking about when she'll leave the Doctor.
The Doctor, Ace and Benny have been at Smithwood Manor for almost a year.
Ace is 26 years old. After an ordeal with the Robot Ants, Ace leaves the TARDIS crew to become Time's Vigilante.

Just Benny Edit

Ace has only just left the TARDIS.
Set Piece was the Doctor's last previous adventure.
The TARDIS has only just left Gadrell Major, setting this immediately after Infinite Requiem.
The Doctor changes himself into a human to understand Benny's grief over the death of Guy de Carnac, which happened in Sanctuary. After he resumes his Time Lord identity, he is given a cat named Wolsey as a pet.
The Doctor rescues Kadiatu from a slave ship.

Chris and Roz Edit

Roz Forrester and Chris Cwej join.
Three-odd subjective years have passed since Love and War.
Set immediately after Sky Pirates!
The dark-attitude Doctor is wearing his white linen suit, with his mission being to talk a man with good intentions into killing himself because of foreknowledge of a possible future.
Ending leads directly into The Also People.
Ending leads directly into Warchild.
Set immediately after Sleepy. Jason Kane proposes to Benny, and she accepts, leading into Happy Endings.
Benny leaves the Doctor's company after her wedding to Jason Kane. The Doctor retrieves his original TARDIS from the Charrl after it was lost to him during Blood Heat.
The Doctor, Roz and Chris have only just left Benny and Jason's wedding, placing this immediately after Happy Endings.
The Doctor and Chris are temporarily without Roz.
In the audio version, the Doctor mentions The Sirens of Time.
Chris unsuccessfully pretends to be the Fifth Doctor, setting this story after Cold Fusion.
Set immediately after Damaged Goods. Roz dies. The Doctor has a vision of Death tormenting him about his coming demise. The Doctor begins wearing the clothes from Doctor Who.

Just Chris Edit

Little time has passed since So Vile a Sin.
The Doctor and Chris have recovered from the shock of Roz' death.
Set shortly after Eternity Weeps, with Chris still traumatised by the events. The Doctor knows that his regeneration grows nearer. He thinks of his next of kin and family, leading into Lungbarrow.
The Doctor leaves Chris behind to take Penelope Gate and Joel Mintz back to their proper homes, and spends some time traveling on his own for a while afterwards.
Set during The Room With No Doors, when the Doctor leaves Chris and travels on his own.
The Doctor obliquely claims to have lost someone in a war, and to have kept someone else in it for too long. He is most likely referring to Roz and Chris, respectively.
The Doctor is wearing his cream linen suit, setting this near Bullet Time.
The Doctor is wearing his cream linen suit, setting this near Bullet Time.
The Doctor returns to the House of Lungbarrow. Chris leaves. The Doctor is sent on a mission by the Time Lords to pick up the Master's remains on Skaro, and is also given a new sonic screwdriver by Romana.
Many stories, such as Notre Dame du Temps and The Eleven, unambiguously establish that the Doctor does not immediately head for Skaro.

Moving on Edit

The TARDIS interior was rebuilt by the Doctor recently.
The Doctor is using the Victorian parlour console room, and has a premonition of his upcoming death, though he doesn't recognise it as such.
The Doctor is wearing his VNA fedora.
Directly after Project: Lazarus. After the Doctor's younger self is killed, he "burns out of existence" when time catches up to him. He and the young Doctor agree that "burning into existence" will be painful. He look older than the young Doctor. He implies that something bad will happen to Ace.
The Doctor uses the alias "Vaughn Sutton," so this is after Excelis Decays. He also makes vague references to Benny, Chris and Roz, placing this after Original Sin as well. The Doctor arrives screaming, in pain, and singed, i.e. he "burned into existence", so this is placed immediately after A Death in the Family.
The Doctor thinks back to his recent failures in Excelis Decays, Project: Lazarus and Master.
The Doctor is disposing of the evidence of his predecessor's adventure.
The Doctor says that he is personal friends with Death. This placement is shortly after their encounter in Master.
Set after The Death Collectors.
The Doctor has an encounter with Victoria Waterfield, but she doesn't recognise him.
The Doctor refers to the events of Log 384 as happening a long time ago.
The Doctor has had many solo adventures by this point.
The Doctor sets up a plan that involves using his eighth incarnation.

Unfinished business Edit

The Doctor is wearing his clothes from Lungbarrow, and is using the sonic screwdriver he acquired in that story.
The Doctor is wearing his linen suit, with a Santa Claus hat for the festive season.The
The Doctor is serving on a medical ship, saving lives, in order to atone for his recent actions, which is possibly a reference to Love and War, or Master. Given the amount of time the Doctor has spent on the ship, the latter seems the most plausible.
The Doctor has stopped believing in the efficacy of imprisonment.
The Doctor is using the Victorian parlour console room.
The Doctor is portrayed with the aged appearance he had in Doctor Who.
The Doctor is alone. He refers to his "younger days." He is sadder than in earlier stories, placing this story before his renewed sense of happiness in The Eight Doctors.
The Doctor is portrayed with the aged appearance he had in Doctor Who.
Set after Kingdom of Silver.

Klein's revenge Edit

The Doctor is wearing his White Darkness outfit and is wistful about travelling alone. He knows Klein from Colditz.
Set immediately after A Thousand Tiny Wings. The Doctor is using the TARDIS interior from Doctor Who.
After travelling together for a while, Klein takes her chance of revenge on the Doctor by stealing his TARDIS and abandoning him on the planet of the Vrill.
After Klein is erased from history by the Time Lords, the Doctor visits UNIT to find a different version of Klein now working there. The Doctor's hair is depicted as tufts growing out of the side of his head on the cover.

Travelling with Ace again Edit

The Doctor catches up with an older Ace following the defeat of the Voltranons.
Set immediately after the epilogue of Set Piece.
Ace refers to Happy Endings, but she is travelling with the Doctor without Benny. She loses her memory, which the Doctor does his best to restore.
The Doctor is wearing his Doctor Who outfit, and traveling with Ace, who wears her TV outfit. The TARDIS has its white interior, so presumably reverted at some point. Ace is killed and the TARDIS is damaged, implying that it is about to change to the Doctor is using the Victorian parlour interior seen in Doctor Who. Presumably, he manages to bring her back from the dead, and leaves her on Gallifrey, explaining how Ace is unaware of how she came to be on Gallifrey in Intervention Earth.
The Doctor is seemingly killed, but it's left very ambiguous whether or not he is actually dead.
Raine Creevy is travelling with an older Doctor than normal. The TARDIS is using its Doctor Who interior. Ace is on Gallifrey, and must be meeting the Doctor asynchronously. The Doctor has travelled with the Nazi Klein.

Benny and Ace again Edit

The Doctor knows Benny.
The Doctor finds Benny. He has left Ace on Gallifrey (in the Academy) in his future, at a point after Romana opens the Academy to aliens. Ace's life on Gallifrey can be blamed for the anomalies in her aging or sterility, like with Leela and Chris Cwej. The Doctor is wearing his cream linen suit on the cover, but dialogue describes him in his question mark pullover.
Ace had a TARDIS driving lesson on Gallifrey.

Search for the Persuasion machine Edit

Set after UNIT: Dominion, with the TARDIS control room having the Victorian parlour console room design from Doctor Who. The Doctor is nearing the end of his current life, and has been trying to eradicate evil before his end.

Nearing the end Edit

The Doctor is using the Victorian parlour console room, and recognises the Master from Dominion.
The Doctor's best friend is an archaeologist. The cover shows him in his S26 outfit.
Follows The Unknown. This Doctor's TARDIS makes movie sounds.
The Doctor saves Montague Manor, at the coat of a servant's life.
The Doctor attends the funeral of Dodo Chaplet.
The Doctor and Nimrod catch up after Project: Lazarus and Project: Destiny/A Death in the Family.
After having a "mid-life crisis" whilst dealing with his approaching death, the Doctor is inspired to enjoy the time he has left after being rescued from an Eight Leg by his successor.
The Doctor has abandoned his manipulative ways, and helps someone else realises how such ways only results in everyone leaving him when it matters.
The Doctor is using the Victorian parlour console room.
On Gallifrey, the Doctor is given a task. Presumably the Time Lords want him to complete his task with the Master's remains.
The Doctor has redecorated the TARDIS interior after his trip to Gallifrey in Lungbarrow, and is wearing his VNA suit and fedora. He is going to Skaro to retrieve the Master's remains, placing this immediately before Doctor Who.
The Doctor regenerates.

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