This page lists appearances of The Master in the order in which he experienced them. It relies on much speculation to fit semi-contradictory sources together, and should absolutely not be seen as representative of this wiki's general policy.

Limiting factors Edit

Events after Doctor Who are difficult to reconcile with each other as they offer contradictory accounts to what happened when the Master escaped the Eye of Harmony.

Series basicsEdit

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It was intended that Magnus be the Master and the War Chief, who were intended to be the same character. Divided Loyalties identified the two as separate, but the dream flashbacks are stated by the Doctor to have been nightmares, and are therefore unreliable.

First incarnation Edit

The Doctor and the Master meet for the first time.
At the age of eight, the Doctor kills their mutual childhood bully Torvic, but makes a deal with Death to transfer the memory of killing him to the Master instead.
The child who would become the Master is presumably in his first incarnation.


"Magnus" lives on Gallifrey. He's said to carelessly waste regenerations.

Leaving Gallifrey and the Dark HeartEdit

The Master is living on Gallifrey, in the incarnation first seen in Terror of the Autons. He attends a ceremony for Susan.
The Master leads several student revolts.
The Master leaves Gallifrey.
The Master is already in his incarnation first seen in Terror of the Autons. Authorial intent was that after The Dark Path, the Master regenerates into the War Chief, and later revisits the face used in The Dark Path.
The Master is wearing the clothes of the incarnation seen in Terror of the Autons, but targets the Second Doctor, rather than the Third. He is malevolent and the Doctor is travelling with Jamie and not Victoria, so after The Dark Path.

War ChiefEdit

Magnus is a renegade and lives off-Gallifrey. The Time Lords try to execute him, but he just regenerates.

Felix KriegslieterEdit

The War Chief regenerates into Felix Kriegslieter, who, after being burned, regenerates into an incarnation identical to the one from The Dark Path. Ace describes the new incarnation as "a young man, tall, dark and satanically handsome".

Victor MagisterEdit

The Master regenerates from the "Felix Kriegslieter" incarnation into an incarnation identical to the incarnation from The Dark Path.
The Master doesn't appear, but a Time Lord mentions that he has escaped Shada.
Leads into Terror of the Autons.
The Master is stuck on Earth.
The Master's TARDIS is operational.
The Master is imprisoned.
The Master is imprisoned.
The Master moves to Fortress island, leading into The Sea Devils
The Master retrieves his TARDIS from where he hid it in The Face of the Enemy.
The Doctor has regenerated, and the Master doesn't recognize him as being the Doctor.
During the course of this story, the Doctor regenerates.
The Master intends to go to Skaro and ally with the Daleks, leading into Frontier in Space.
The Master has returned from his affair with the Daleks and the Draconians. At the conclusion, the Master is burned and regenerates.
The Master is badly injured, leading into The Deadly Assassin. According to this, the Master is already in his thirteenth incarnation. Note that this contradicts Sympathy for the Devil, where he is able to regenerate after the Doctor's exile, Doorway to Hell, which presents a different account of his regeneration, and The Two Masters, where the version of him burnt is probably a different one.

Damien ScottEdit

The Master has regenerated. He encounters his future self, who burns him. The Old Master steals the New Master's body.

Van HoutenEdit

The Master is badly injured.
The Master, scarred and disfigured, is found by Goth, leading into The Deadly Assassin.
The Master left Gallifrey straight for Earth looking for the Doctor.
The Master is captured by the Sild.
The Master attempted to steal Iris Wildthyme's body.
The Master hasn't met Nyssa yet, placing it before The Keeper of Traken. Release order position for original Four/Leela Big Finish audios.
The Master gains the body of Tremas.


The Master is trying to reconstitute his body after it was broken down when Castrovalva was destroyed.
The Master is scarred because of Planet of Fire.
The Master attempts to steal the Fifth Doctor's remaining regenerations.
The Master discovers the Valeyard, leading into The Ultimate Foe.
The Master is still infected with the Cheetah virus from Survival.
The Master, in his Trakenite body, attempts to create an indestructible new one for himself, but is thwarted by the Doctor.
The Master's Trakenite body has broken down by the Warp Core, turning him into the same form seen in The Keeper of Traken.
Afterwards, presumably Death restores the Master's Trakenite body as a reward.

Major KreerEdit

The Master is affected by the Cheetah virus. It recurred after seemingly being cured in Cat's Cradle: Witch Mark as well, in Ace. The Tzun attempt to give the Master a new regeneration cycle, and his first regeneration cures the cheetah virus.
The Master's supposed new regeneration cycle has not worked, and his body is breaking down.

Tremas once more Edit

The Master's body regresses back to the Trakenite form.
The Master is wearing the same costume as in Destiny of the Doctors. He is not affected by the Cheetah virus.
The Master recalls Survival, but no further clues are given as to which body he's in. He gains a Deathworm Morphant.
The Master is executed by the Daleks because... reasons.

Bruce Edit

Set while the Master is wearing Bruce's outfit.
The Master falls into the Eye of Harmony during the climax of Doctor Who.

A Street PreacherEdit

The Master escapes the Eye of Harmony.
The Master is banished to parts unknown by Kroton - most likely the Eye of Harmony, although not stated.
The Master doesn't appear, but his "current" state is referred to: he is not in a position to interfere with time.

Don MaestroEdit

The Master escapes the Eye of Harmony again.
Set during the events of Forgotten.
Set directly after Forgotten. At the end, the Master is free and has his grandfather clock TARDIS, contradicting Nevermore and Eyes of the Master.

War KingEdit

The Magistrate lives on Gallifrey again.
The War King has scarring deliberately retained from his previous incarnation, and he keeps a hypercube as a momento.
The Master is War King.
The War King is consumed by what was originally his grandfather clock TARDIS, Lolita.

Harcourt De'athEdit

The Master was rescued by the Time Lords from "a predicament," which the Doctor is aware of.
The Master is working in direct opposition to the Time Lords.

The Time WarEdit

The Master is in the body of a small child, having been resurrected to fight in the Time War. He regenerates into the "Yana" incarnation of the Master due to a paradox.

Professor YanaEdit

The Master has just left the Time War. He doesn't have a TARDIS. He regenerates into his "Harold Saxon" incarnation.

Harold SaxonEdit

The Master is captured during the Year That Never Was by the Sild. He is freed and returned to his time.
Set during the final scene of Last of the Time Lords.
The Master is sent to the last day of the Time War.
Set during The End of Time, while the Master is free-roaming.


Missy claims the Doctor "left [her] for dead."
Missy is aware of the Doctor saving Gallifrey at the end of the Time War. The Doctor speculates that she has a TARDIS, though it does not appear.

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