This page lists appearances of w:c:tardis:Time Lords other than the Doctor and the Master (unless one of them is on official business) in chronological order. This timeline is based upon observations of the Doctor Who universe and the events that occur during each of these stories. From these observations we have attempted to build a concise timeline. It is assumed as much as possible, but still with exceptions, that Time Lords meet in the same order. These cases will be noted. In many cases there are sequences of stories from different Time Lords' perspectives, where individual stories can not be compared.

Limiting factors Edit

Looms Edit

Any story where looms are the dominant method of reproduction on Gallifrey must take place before w:c:tardis:PROSE: Lungbarrow.

President Edit

Any story involving Romana as president must take place after w:c:tardis:PROSE: Happy Endings.

Series basics Edit

Time Lord stories can very roughly be sorted based on medium / series

  • Doctor Who stories set on Gallifrey
  • Doctor Who stories featuring individual Time Lords
  • Non-Doctor Who stories featuring individual Time Lords.
  • Big Finish Gallifrey audio stories

Timeline Edit

Old TimeEdit

There's an early unmanned Gallifreyan time probe.
Rassilon overthrows the Pythia.
The w:c:tardis:Rassilon Era begins with Year Zero.
The Time Lords fight the w:c:tardis:Yssgaroth.
The Time Lords create the w:c:tardis:Web of Time, which brings logic and order to the universe.

Morbius =Edit

Pre-War. Describes the fall of the Imperator.

The Doctor's Era Edit

One version of the Doctor's departure.
Another version.
Alternate universe where The War Games ended very differently.
The Doctor becomes a CIA agent.
Jamie gets his first look at the Stattenheim remote control, so this is between World Game and The Two Doctors.
The Doctor is on a mission for the Time Lords.
The Doctor is on a mission for the Time Lords.
The Doctor is on a mission for the Time Lords.
The Doctor is on a mission for the Time Lords.
Just after The Three Doctors, synchronously with the Third Doctor.
Braxiatel has just returned from some ambassadorial missions.
Iris Wildthyme, in several incarnations, is summoned to the Death Zone to deal with Morbius.
The Doctor is on a mission for the Time Lords.

Borusa Edit

Leela stays on Gallifrey.
Leela has already married.

Niroc Edit

Set during the trial.
Alternate universe where the Valeyard won the trial.

Flavia Edit

Ace is not allowed into the Academy.
Romana returns from E-Space.
w:c:tardis:Ruatha deliberately asynchronously involves the Fifth Doctor. She states that by the w:c:tardis:20th century time continuum, Gallifrey is long dead.
Flavia is President.

Romana Edit

Romana becomes President.
Ace isn't allowed into the Academy.
Vansell is Co-ordinator of the CIA. The Sixth Doctor is the wrong incarnation, and Romana comments on it. Gallifreyan security systems are changed to require a human retinal scan.
Romana is President.
The Eye of Harmony needs a human retina to open.
Hallan and Darkel are around.
Vansell dies.
Leela is no longer pregnant. Narvin is the new head of the CIA.
Later Graceless stories establish that Amy attends the Academy under Valyes.
Ace, an alien, is allowed into the Academy.

The War Edit

The Doctor is missing his shadow. The Sidhe refer to the Celestis.
The War is coming, but hasn't started yet. Lolita is anthropomorphic.
Pre-divergence scenes and flashbacks to Romana III's world.
Romana II regenerates into a more ruthless incarnation to prepare for the War.
Romana has long since disappeared to another of the nine Gallifreys. The Master returns and becomes the Magistrate. Umbaste is president.
A Braxiatel saves Romana and Omega returns.
Gallifrey is destroyed.
Arbitrary placement. Set before Head of State.
The majority of the stories in this anthology don't indicate the time more specifically than being set during the War. Characters from all of the stories appear in A Hundred Words from a Civil War, but that doesn't help because of the nature of the City.
Arbitrary placement. Theo Possible appears.
Arbitrary placement. The Doctor has "a whiff of Faction in his biodata". The Time Lords use a fiction bomb. The Sixth Doctor doesn't know about the War.
Arbitrary placement.
AF 0 — Resurrection Day. Following Warring States for Compassion. Philip Purser-Hallard's City of the Saved Chronology is very helpful.
AF 0.
AF 30.
AF 37.
Circa AF 60.
Circa AF 71.
Circa AF 140.
Circa AF 150. Set after Warlords of Utopia for Scriptor.
Circa AF 150.
Circa AF 150.
Circa AF 150.
Circa AF 150.
Circa AF 150.
Circa AF 160.
Circa AF 240.
Circa AF 250.
The Faction is currently being devastated by the Second Wave (6th year of the War)
Circa AF 250.
Circa AF 250.
Circa AF 261.
Circa AF 281.
Around the 40th year of the war/Circa AF 284.
Mad Norwegian Press convention was that each book was set before its predecessor.
Unusually for a prologue, it's set after the book in question.
41st year of the War/AF 285.
Circa AF 285.
46th year of the War/AF 290. Before Warlords of Utopia Prologue for Scriptor.
Arbitrary positioning. The War is ongoing, the Faction exists enough to care about, Cwejen are in use. Straxus isn't dead, tentatively placing the War before Dark Eyes.
Circa AF 290.
Circa AF 290.
AF 291.
AF 291.
AF 291.
AF 291.
AF 291.
Mad Norwegian Press convention was that each book was set before its predecessor.
Arbitrary positioning. A humanoid timeship appears.
Before the audios for Justine and the Faction.
Published in the 50th year of the War/AF 294. Follows The Taking of Planet 5 for the Shift. As the Shift says that he's from the reader's future, the fall of Mictlan hasn't happened yet.
Before The Book of the War for the Shift.
Circa AF 295. Morrison feels pain.
Set after Of the City of the Saved..., as Holmes is capable of dying.
AF 300.
AF 300.
AF 300.
The fourth wave exists, so after AF 311, and the Eleven-Day Empire is still intact, so before the audios.
Faction agents, led by "Grandfather Paradox", travel back to the start of the War. The Eleven-Day Empire is still intact.
Iris mentions the destruction of the Eleven-Day Empire.

Between the Wars Edit

The War is over.
Catherine's gift of a mammoth to George III is mentioned.
George III's mammoth is mentioned again. The Master visits the Doctor.
There are very few Time Lords left, and their role in reality is being replaced.
The Doctor is planning to restore Gallifrey. He doesn't know it was never destroyed to begin with.
In the far future, the last surviving Time Lord (implied to be the Doctor) ruled the universe from the Needle.

Negated timeline Edit

Pre-divergence scenes, Leela and Braxiatel from Romana III's world, and first post-Intervention Earth timeline.

The Last Great Time War Edit

Pre-divergence scenes and last timeline. Romana steps down from the Presidency.
Lucie Miller is deposited in the Doctor's TARDIS.
The Sisterhood of Karn starts to become involved in politics.
The Doctor is on a mission for the Time Lords.
According to The Death of Hope, Straxus is Coordinator of the CIA.
Straxus dies, so probably chronologically later than the beginning of the War. Daleks and Time Lords are taking aggressive, temporal action against each other.
Narvin is "Coordinator in extremis" of the CIA.
Romana is no longer President, and Farina is the current CIA Coordinator. There are aliens in the Academy. The Doctor describes the current regime as "progressive." The current President is absent.
Padrac is President.
Set during the First Segment of the War.
The Doctor is still in his eighth incarnation, therefore the Time War is in its early days.
The Doctor is still in his eighth incarnation, but has cut his hair, placing it after The Forgotten.
The Doctor debates involving himself.
The Time War is ongoing.
The Time War is ongoing.
The Sisterhood of Karn is involved in the Time War.
Takes place 400 years after The Night of the Doctor.
Takes place at the Fall of Arcadia before the scenes in The Day of the Doctor.
Priyan tells Engin that Rassilon is initiating the Ultimate Sanction, placing it just before The End of Time.
Set on the last day of the Time War. Dalek saucers are already on Gallifrey, placing it after The Last Day.
The General mentions that Rassilon's plan has already failed. Gallifrey becomes lost in a pocket universe.
Gallifrey is still outside the normal universe.

Resurrected Edit

According to the Master, Gallifrey has returned to its traditional spacial coordinates.
Gallifrey is situated beyond the frontier in time.

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