Template:Forumheader This page lists appearances of the Twelfth Doctor in the order in which he experienced them. This timeline is based upon observations of the Doctor Who universe and the events that occur during each of these stories. From these observations we have attempted to build a concise timeline. It is assumed that for each novel, comic, audio or television series, their published, broadcast or numbered order is the order they occur in.

The layout of this timeline is in part based on the observations on Doctor Who - The Complete Adventures, as well as Lance Parkin's AHistory and other sources that allow us to make observations, such as Doctor Who Reviews, Clive Banks databanks and the Big Finnish forums. None of these sources should be used solely as a source or considered a "true" timeline for stories.

Timeline Edit

Early travels with Clara Edit

The Doctor regenerates from his previous incarnation.
The Doctor has a fresh face and is still recovering from his regeneration. At the end of the story, Clara sends the Doctor for coffee in Glasgow.
The light from the TARDIS console is blue, suggesting the Doctor helped save Gallifrey after he left Clara in Victorian England, and before he changed the console.
The Doctor is getting coffee at the Intergalactic Coffee Roasting Station.
The Doctor returns to Clara with her coffee after they stopped off in Glasgow. Clara meets Danny Pink.
Clara resumes traveling with the Doctor.
The Doctor and Clara share chips together.
The Doctor mentions the chips that he and Clara had shared, and the TARDIS gets a scratch.
The Doctor has just removed the scratch on the TARDIS.
The Doctor is still assessing what kind of person he has become.
The Doctor entertains the idea of letting Clara decide their next destination, so before Robot of Sherwood. Clara also worries that the Doctor is mistaking her for Jenny, so this probably takes place not long after Deep Breath.
Clara is friendly with Danny, but does not call him her boyfriend, placing this before their date in Listen.
Clara goes on her first date with Danny.
Clara and Danny are about to go on their second date.
Clara has a boyfriend, placing this story after her and Danny's second date mentioned in Time Heist.
The Doctor, Clara and Danny face the Skovox Blitzer. The Doctor discovers Danny is Clara's boyfriend. The Doctor takes Courtney Woods on a brief trip in the TARDIS.
Courtney has already been inside the TARDIS, placing this at some point after The Caretaker. After the events of this episode, Clara falls out with the Doctor, and he travels on alone for a while.

Time alone Edit

Clara rejoins Edit

Clara and the Doctor have made up. Clara is now lying to Danny about no longer travelling in the TARDIS and having ended it with the Doctor. All stories with Clara acting more like the Doctor take place after this one.
The Doctor realises Clara has been lying to him and Danny after the events of Mummy on the Orient Express. For a significant part of this story, Clara carries the shrunken TARDIS in her handbag while the Doctor is trapped inside the TARDIS. By the end of the episode, the Doctor begins to suspect that Clara has started to think like him.
The Doctor comes to a definite conclusion to his theory of Clara starting to think like him, setting it after Flatline.
Clara mentions "carrying [the Doctor] around next to [her] hairbrush and keys last week", placing this after Flatline.
The Doctor and Clara have faced the Daleks, Robot Knights and the Skovox Blitzer by this point, placing this story after The Caretaker.
Clara says she would do anything to reclaim someone she lost, placing this before Dark Water.
Set before Dark Water, with cryptic references to Clara's betraying the Doctor's trust.
Set during Four Doctors, when the Doctors are having "Me Time" together.
Clara is considering what kind of companion she is, probably because of her recent fall out with the Doctor in Kill the Moon.
Danny discovers Clara is still travelling with the Doctor after assuming they hadn't been speaking for months. At the end of this story, Danny tells Clara to go home and "think about it" before telling him the truth.
Clara is preparing to phone Danny and explain everything to do with her travels. Danny dies, Missy reveals herself as Template:Gomez, and the Doctor is made "President of Earth". The Doctor and Clara part ways again. Santa Claus suddenly opens the TARDIS doors.

Second chance with Clara Edit

Encouraged by a dream of her growing old alone, Clara returns to the TARDIS.
Clara wonders if the jungle is "the trees doing a thing again".
Clara is on speaking terms with the Doctor, and states that Danny Pink is dead, placing this after Last Christmas.
Clara references Danny's death.
The Doctor still uses his sonic screwdriver and has previously been "President of Earth".
Traveling alone, the Doctor reunites with Bernice Summerfield.
The Doctor picks up Clara from Coal Hill School.
The Doctor is wearing a shirt and jacket, and wields his sonic screwdriver.
The Doctor promises to dedicate a guitar solo to Clara.

Continued travels with Clara Edit

The Doctor replaces the sonic screwdriver with sonic sunglasses after an encounter with Davros. Clara learns Missy is still alive and teams up with her to find the Doctor after he goes into hiding.
The Doctor uses his sonic sunglasses.
The Doctor uses Mire technology to render a young Viking girl, Ashildr, immortal and unable to age.

More time alone Edit

These adventures could take place between anyone of the Doctor's adventures with Clara, but for the sake of organization they are placed during the period when Clara is out with her class.
The Doctor, travelling on his own, meets up with Ashildr again, and they come to an agreement.

Final adventures with Clara Edit

Takes place after The Zygon Invasion as there are two Osgoods. It is September.
Clara's birthday is 22 November.
As The Magician's Apprentice made it clear Clara had not seen Missy since the events of Death in Heaven, The Abominable Showmen has to be set after the events of The Witch's Familiar. The Doctor's newfound guitar skills are also mentioned in One! Two! Three! Four! To Doomsday.
Clara is wearing the same outfit as in Face the Raven.
Reuniting with Rigsby to combat Ashildr, Clara is killed by a Quantum Shade and the Doctor is sent away to an unknown location.
After spending four billion years trapped in a confession dial, the Doctor returns to Gallifrey, dethrones Rassilon and uses his powers of presidency to save Clara from the Quantum Shade. However, he looses his memories of Clara and has to travel alone, as Clara and Ashildr set out on their own in a stolen TARDIS. Clara takes the sonic sunglasses with her, and the Doctor receives a new Sonic screwdriver model

Lone travels Edit

The Doctor uses his new screwdriver for the first time.
The Doctor meets Grant Gordon in New York in the 1990's where he accidentally swallows the Hazandra gemstone, granting him superpowers. The doctor continues to check in on Grant throughout his childhood and teenage years.

Stuck in the Seventies Edit

The year is 1972. The TARDIS breaks, forcing the Doctor to live with the Collinses. When questioned by Jess about their encounter in The Highgate Horror, he has no idea who Clara is.
The year is 1973.

Short-term companions Edit

The Doctor takes Hattie away in his TARDIS.
After an adventure with Hattie, he takes her back home.
Julie d'Aubigny joins the TARDIS.
Julie has left sometime before this story. The Doctor takes Sonny Robinson and Val Kent on several adventures in the TARDIS. Clara appears when the Mindmorphs attack the Doctor's brain, perhaps explaining how he knows about her some stories but doesn't in others.

More lone travels Edit

The Doctor is drawn to the list of missing Coal Hill staff and students, but he fails to recognize Clara's name.
The Doctor is using his sonic screwdriver.

Jata Edit

The Doctor wears the same black outfit seen from The Spice Route to Pirates of Vourakis. He decides to take Jata home using the TARDIS.
The Doctor knows he was friends with a school teacher from the 21st century, indicating that this happens after For Tonight We Might Die.

Nardole Edit

The Doctor meets up with River and says a final goodbye at the Singing Towers of Darillium and spend one Darillium night on the planet (24 years Earth time). He also encounters Nardole and takes him on as a companion.
The Doctor is still haunted by saying goodbye to River. He reencounters Grant Gordon.

The Ghost Edit

Grant, Lucy and Jennifer join the TARDIS.

Bill Edit

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